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Touch query machine is one of the most convenient, simple, natural and practical human-computer interaction equipment, which is gradually used in all aspects of our daily life. Such as business hall, postal business hall, tax collection hall, city street (city information inquiry), office building, airport, station, bank, museum, library, exhibition, hospital, Hotel and many other occasions. It combines computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial plastic arts, machinery manufacturing technology, streamlined integrated design, beautiful shape. It has been widely used because of its high cost performance, customized design and strong environmental adaptability. Functional characteristic Touch control query This is the most popular point of touch self-service inquiry machine. Like mobile phones, users query and read public information through touch screen, and the style of inquiry page follows the principle of neatness and tidiness. The whole query system interface also makes full use of modern multimedia technology, with rich pictures and texts. Beautiful background music and dynamic picture effects can bring users both visual and auditory enjoyment. User Role Management Users can directly implement the role management of administrators and ordinary users on the touch screen. That is, administrators can edit, modify all page files and update all query machines in real time. Ordinary users can only modify the content within the authorized scope after authorization. LAN Sharing Some self-service inquiry machine page file content can be shared through the LAN to complete self-printing. For example, in banks, users can use ID cards and bank cards to self-help inquiry machine to print pipelining accounts, swipe cards, report printing, payment, which greatly reduces the burden of staff. Update of query content Self-service query machine is divided into local update and remote update. Local update is the content of our tax office to update; remote update is the user can use the console to update all query machine content uniformly and remotely. Beautiful appearance Self-service inquiry machine often uses surface acoustic wave screen, anti-scratch, less reflection, fast sliding screen, long life is its advantages, secondly, streamlined appearance also has a very good affinity and sense of the times. configuration parameters Configuration can be customized as you like, price please consult Wangwang Customer Service
KER touch query kiosk  
Brand model KER-TE01W(optional)
Display ratio 16 : 9 wide screen
OS Win7 Win8 LiunxAndroid
monitor Industrial LCD disply(1920*1080)
Case material First-class cold-rolled steel plate, automobile paint
Touch panel CVT multi-point IR touch panel
colors white/black/silver(customizable)
PC Industrial PC
appearance customizable
PC configuration  
standard Intel quad core J1900.RAM 2G,64G  SSD or 500G HDD
Option 1 Intel quad core J1900. RAM 4G,64G  SSD or 500G HDD
Option 2  Intel Core I3,RAM 4G,64G  SSD or 500G HDD
Option 3   Intel Core I5,RAM 4G,64G  SSD or 500G HDD
Option 4 Intel Core I7,RAM 8G,128G  SSD or 500G HDD
IR touch panel(use true 6-point IR anti-riot touch panel,4-point,6-point,10-point optional, Prices need to be calculated separately)
Touch panel Real six-point infrared touch screen, with dust-proof, waterproof, scratch-proof characteristics, useLong life, high accuracy, fast reaction speed with transmittance > 98%, resolution 4096*4096,Single point makes life more than 60 million times. 
Product size 22″32″42″52″55″65″ etc, Special specifications can be customized
Transmittance >92%,up to 100%
Touch resolution 4096*4096
Scanning rate ≥5scans/s
Touch body >2mm(Rad.)
Responde speed ≥8ms
Durability > Bearing more than 60 million single touch times
Working voltage DC 5V
Power supply way USB interface or external 5V power supply
Power consumption Below 32〞≤0.52W, above 32〞but below 63〞≤1W
OS available Win7 Win8 LiunxAndroid
Communication way RS-232or USB interface
temperature working:-30℃to55℃  storage:-30℃to55℃
Life span More than 10 years
LED LCD panel (LCD Display with Full HD Samsung/LG Perfect Screen)
monitor: New LG full-high definition (1920*1080) industrial LCD screen with contrast:5000:1,brightness:400md   reaction time:<4MS
resolution Full HD 1920X1080 brightness 400cd/m2
aspect ratio 16:9 Contrast ratio 1000:1
Pixel pitch 0.2mm response time 5.5(gray to gray)
frequency 60Hz Power consumption 245W
Display colors 16.7M(10 bit) Working voltage 12V
Viewing angle 178/178(H/V) weight 50KG-90KG
light source CCFL
Power supply voltage:AC220V ±10% 50HZ ±1HZ    power:<200W Instantaneous current of start-up 3A
interfaces With power switch key, network interface, USB interface, reserved wiring port.Power Switch, Volume Tuning of (Host, Display, Audio, Fan)
Loudspeaker box Dual channel and stereo surround power amplifier system are adopted. Power: 2x 5W Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Working environment temperature:-10℃~+45℃  humidity:40%~80%(Relatively, non-decompression)
Internet port RJ45 or RJ11
Physical size Height 1150mm X width 1036mm X depth 620mm