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Self-service terminal is a common electronic information equipment. It can be used to store information and provide information inquiry, printing, payment. In addition, it can also be used to sell products. It is widely used in communications, finance, government, transportation, medical, industrial and commercial, tax and other industries. The self service terminal has the functions of public utilities payment, mobile phone recharge, movie ticket purchase and so on. The self service terminal is beautiful, simple, all-weather self service and simple touch operation, which greatly facilitates the daily payment and electronic payment business of the vast number of consumers. Its market prospect and development characteristics 1. The self-service terminal adopts modular structure design, which makes the product achieve high reliability and stability at the same time, makes maintenance more convenient, and can greatly reduce maintenance costs. According to ergonomics design, it can provide comfortable self-service environment for customers, and more reflect the humanized design concept of products. 2. The surface of self-service terminal is all sprayed with high quality outdoor plastic powder. It has strong adhesion. Waterproof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant colors are optional. It can meet different needs. 3. Dust-proof, waterproof and riot-proof design greatly enhances the environmental adaptability of the machine, supports the power-off card and protects the user information of the customer's bank card. Custom Machine Configuration List Industrial configuration, stable and reliable
Configuration List of Multifunctional Touch Control All-in-one PC (Customized Function Modules Based on Customer Requirements)
Hardware module parameters Parameter index Function description
LCD display brand/model LG Samsung/LG Interface display
尺寸 size 19寸 19”
brightness 400CD/m2
contrast ratio 5000:1Max contrast ratio
natural resolution 1280*1028
respond time 4MS
signal input VGA or LVDS
touch panel
Hardware module parameters Parameter index Function escription
Touch panel(IR or capacitive touch optional) brand/model Infra-red panel,capacitive panel touch input
size  19”
working way IR
Transmittance 95%
respond time 4ms
surface hardness Mohs 7H
resolution 4096*4096
Touch Activation 80GMin up to 80g
positioning accuracy ≤2mm
Life span over 10 years
Explosion-proof, scratch-proof,Waterproof and dustproof No coating, anti-storm, anti-scratch, waterproof, dust-proof, and no drift for primary correction.Surface durability: MOHS hardness test greater than or equal to grade 7
single point touch >50 million times
embedded industrial PC
Hardware module parameters Parameter index Function escription
           embedded industrial PC (optional according to customers’ needs) motherboard brand/model 1037 YANYU C1037 Low power motherboardLow calorific value Support for long and continuous operation Contains CPU, memory bar, Hard Disk, Host Power Supply
Max RAM support 4G
storage 4G
CPU CPU support 1.8G Dynamic dual core
GPU 128M
Serial port 6
LVDS or VGA support
audio support
Net card support
hard disk SATA-500G;7200r/s
non-contact ID card reader (optional)
Hardware module parameters Parameter index Function description
non-contact ID card reader (optional) brand/model RF-EYE Minghua FR-EYE Membership Card Reading and Writing
communication interface SUB/RS232
working voltage 5V
protocols support IDO/IEC 14443TYPE A&B
database speed support 106Kbit/s、212Kbit/s424Kbit/s
operation distance <5cm
(optional module, according to the actual functional needs of customers, specific plans to communicate separately)
ID card reader optional
UnionPay card insertor optional
metal keyboard optional
electric card dispenser optional
QR Code scanner optional
bar code scanner optional
A4 printer optional
invoice printer optional
High meter optional
camera optional