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Touch all-in-one PC is a simple, convenient and practical human-computer interaction device. It consists of main board, memory, hard disk, graphics card, touch screen and other electronic components. Touch all-in-one PC integrates advanced computer technology, industrial control technology and touch screen technology. Touch information inquiry can be realized, and fingerprints can be realized with specific equipment. Attendance, card swiping and other applications, touch all-in-one PC is a product that binds touch screen and other related software to package for inquiry purposes, which greatly improves people's work efficiency. Advantages: 1. Rapid response The system uses infrared or capacitive touch technology, 10-point touch, extreme speed response. 2. Easy to operate The information world can be accessed by touching the buttons of relevant parts on the screen of the integrated computer with fingers. The information includes words, animation, music, videos, games, etc. 3. Friendly Interface Customers can clearly understand all the information, prompts and instructions on the touch screen screen without knowing the professional knowledge of the touch inquiry machine. The interface is very friendly and suitable for large customers of all levels and ages. 4. Wifi Networking The touch query integrated system can establish various network connections according to users'needs, such as connection with telecom business network and telecom accounting network, dynamic inquiry of telephone acceptance process and personal telephone bills, as well as Internet connection with intra-enterprise INTERNET. 5. Good expansibility The touch query integrated machine has good expansibility, can add system content and data at any time, and provide convenience for future networking and multi-database operation. 6. Information-rich Information storage is almost unlimited, any complex data information can be incorporated into the multimedia system, and the variety of information is rich, can achieve audio-visual, changeable display effect is exciting; 7. Safety and reliability Long-term continuous operation, no impact on the system, the system is stable and reliable, normal operation will not make mistakes, crash; easy maintenance, the system includes a management and maintenance system with the same interface as the demonstration system, which can easily add, delete, change data content and other management operations. Product application areas: 1. Schools, Training, Enterprises, Governments, Conferences, Households 2. Banks, Securities, Insurance, Financial Services, Real Estate 3. Mobile, Unicom, Telecom, Netcom, Tietong, Electricity, Water Conservancy and Mineral Resources 4. Public Security Monitoring, Fire Control, Traffic Dispatching Room, Security Monitoring, Aviation Command, Military Command 5. Industry and Commerce, Taxation, Customs, Government Hall, Consulate Visa, Entry-Exit Port 6. Post, Airport, Station, Logistics, Port, Parking lot, Automobile City, Bus 7. Interactive Platform of Hospital Waiting, TV Station, Public Welfare Institution, Lottery Inquiry and Rural Information 8. Wholesale Malls, Large Sales Groups, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Elevator Advertising in Office Buildings, Advertising Media 9. Museums, libraries, exhibition halls, demonstration halls, public places, cinemas, stage performances 10. Hotels, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, leisure clubs, karaoke halls, Internet cafes, entertainment venuesa Specification Parameters

Capacitance Screen Parameters

Surface hardness:7H Operating Voltage:3.3V-3.6V(DC)
Transmittance:>90%±5% Linearity:1PT:+/-1MM,10PT:+/-2.5MM
Working temperature:-30℃~+75℃ Touch lifetime:>300.000.000times
Holding Temperature:-40℃~+85℃ Maximum resolution:4096*4096
Humidity:90%AT60℃ Maximum Support Points:Max,10points
Oscillation frequency:12MHz Control type:PCBA control board
Response time:<10ms Power consumption:ActiveMode:<30mA.idle Mode:5mA
Connection mode:USB Operating System:WindowsXP/7/8、Android、Linus

LCD screen parameters + more

Display scale:16:9 Fuselage Material: Toughened Glass + Aluminum Alloy Frame
Optimum resolution:1920*1080 Socket:USB/SD
visual angle:(170°/170°) Lamp Lifetime:about 60 thousand hours
High brightness:350cd/m² Color:16.7m chromatic number
High contrast:5000:1/60Hz Voltage:220-260V
Service life:50000 hours Package:Carton + foam + wooden frame

Option Package

Standard Configuration Main board J1900 4G memory 64G hard disk
High match 1 Industrial control motherboard I3 4G memory 64G hard disk
High match 2 Industrial control motherboard I5 4G memory 120G hard disk
High match 3 Android motherboard RK3288 2G memory 8G storage