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Hotel Self-Check-in Machine Hotel Self-Check-in Machine is a truly unattended self-service hotel intelligent platform. It improves the guest experience, saves labor costs and makes the connection much closer between customers and hotels, thus improving the overall efficiency of the hotel. The hotel's smart check-in system has been successfully applied to hundreds of Chinese-style hotels and has been recognized by users.     Product Features -Sending and receiving room card: Distribution and recycling of hotel room cards -Identity authentication: Authentication by ID card reading and face recognition -Multiple payment: Code scanning payment, UnionPay payment, membership card payment -Receipt Print: Transaction ReceiptPrint -Advertising Play: Unified play management by network background     Product Advantages 1. The hotel self-service equipment can easily complete a series of operations such as check-in, check-out, payment and renewal, helping the hotel to save costs and enhance customer experience. 2. 24 hours self-service, easy to operate, easy to query. 3. The cloud management platform has a large amount of stored data, which can protect the privacy of customers, self-organize and analyze the data reports, make the management scale, and timely understand the hotel operation status. 4. Can be paid by scanning code on Alipay or WeChat. There's no need to give change which improves the efficiency of the front desk and reduce labor costs.       Advanced Technology 1. Integrates ID card reader, IC card reader, transceiver card machine, camera and other peripheral functions. Integrates intelligent face recognition function, recognition rate up to 99% 2. Support Alipay, WeChat payment, UnionPay payment and other mainstream online payment methods. 3. Integrated mobile phone reservation system. 4. Docking hotel management system, support system smooth upgrade.