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With the development of interactive technology, more and more restaurants choose to use the self-service ordering machine. Automatic Ordering Machine not only breaks the common problem inherent of the traditional ordering mode, frees customers and waiters and customers can order thier dishes and confirm the order independently ,but also can note the way of eating, quantity, taste and taboos, etc. It is simple and convenient that the whole process takes only a few minutes, avoiding waste of time in the previous ordering. At the same time, the remarks such as tastes are filled out by the customers themselves and directly ordering to the kitchen which will avoid the situation that the waiters are too busy that they ignore or misremember, allowing customers to enjoy customized services and improve customer satisfaction. Not only can it reduce the operating costs of the restaurant, but also improve the overall service quality and efficiency, which makes it a good helper for restaurant management. Functions of Self-service Ordering Kiosk: Tickets Selling: UnionPay self-service meals tickets. We set the interface to sell meal tickets according to requirements. Tickets Collecting: QR code,verification code,cellphone number, membership card can be used for printing ticket for meals. Advertisement playing: Independent advertisement screen. The network version is managed by headquarter background. Printing: Print self-service ordering meals tickets and receipt. Payment: UnionPay,pay in cash. Communication: UnionPay exclusive wireless communicaiton,TCP/IP internet communication,member card,IC membership card reading,menbership cards dispense,UnionPay recharge,recharge in cash. Monitoring: HD camera monitor Power-off protection: 30 minutes emergency power supply. Self-service: Can set the time for automatic switch.     SELF-SERVICE ORDERING MACHINE IN THE AGE OF SELF-SERVICE, ORDER FAST WECHAT/ALIPAY PAYMENT, ORDER IS SIMPLER AND FASTER Multi-touch control; Dustproof adn waterproof; Anti-interference; Intelligent HD APPLICABLE TO ALL WALKS OF LIFE fast-food restaurant; noodle shop; drinks shop; outside snack bar; breakfast shop; barbecue shop; fruit shop; bars HARDWARE INTRODUCTION Case: automobile paint, cold rolled steel plate LCD Screen: high definition 1080P display QR Code: Alipay/Wechat scan payment Ticket: Print the ticket and wait for the meal after the order is finished. Reserved Openings: additional functions can be added according to requirements. PRODUCT FUNCTIONS JUST THREE STEPS. EASY MEALS. Ordering Meals→Payment→Ticket Collection PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Traditional Ordering VS Self-service Ordering worker as cashier, increase employees and cost → replacing manpower and saving enterprice cost disputes arise when a wrong order is omitted → easy and fast order, fast service managers can't know the business situation in real time → mobile management, real time viewing, time-saving and labor-saving 3 SECONDS RESPONSE TRIGGER Using projection infrared touch positioning technology, 3/ms sensitive response, high accuracy. Far faster than the body's reaction speed, refuse stuck or pause. 1080P FULL HD DISPLAY Rich color, delicate picture quality, multi-point infrared touch, 1920*1080 resolution clear, beyond imagination! High definition shows that rich colors can better reflect the delicacy of food, increase customers' appetite and promote business transactions in stores. DETAILS SHOW KEEP IMPROVING, DETAILS REFLECT WORKMANSHIP Exquisite craftmanship material, lasting and refreshing Reasonable setting and smooth operation Dust and scratch proof INDUSTRIAL GRADE CPU Industrial Grade Motherboard With Low Power Consumption And High Performance intel; heat dissipation function; energy saving and low consumption; noise proof design