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Industrial Personal Computer-IPC (Industrial Control Computer-IPC) is a kind of tool that uses bus structure to detect and control production process, mechanical and electrical equipment and process equipment. Industrial computer has important computer attributes and characteristics, such as computer CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, as well as operating system, control network and protocols, computing power, friendly man-machine interface. The products and technologies of industrial control industry are very special. They belong to intermediate products and provide reliable, embedded and intelligent industrial computers for other industries. The characteristics of industrial control integrated computer: 1. High level of protection to meet the requirements of stable operation in all kinds of harsh environments. 2. Excellent touch experience, supporting 7*24 hours high frequency and long time operation. 3. Innovative industrial design and higher system integration. 4. After vibration test, voltage test, high and low temperature test, anti-static interference test and more than ten strict quality tests. 1080P HD PICTURE Bright colors, fine pixels up yp 1920*1080, third generation image processing technology Fast response, no flash screen, intelligent denoising point, no delay in the picture HD display Anti-interference Dust-proof and water-proof STRONG HEAT DISSIPATION 24-HOUR OPERATION FULLY CLOSED DESIGN WITHOUT FANS, ALL-ALUMINIUM RADIATOR TO COOL THE MACHINE. WITH ALL-WEATHER AND LONG-TERM SUSTAINED OPERATION PLATFORM CAPABILITIES, FACING A VARIETY OF INDUSTRIES, THE APPLICATION OF PUBLIC SPACE IS MORE THAN READY. SUPER ADAPTABILITY -15℃ low temperature work normally +60℃ high temperature work normally High strength for working environment Make your work and production more smoothly Ultra-thin pure plane, easy to clean, easy to maintain Dust can be restored with a gentle wipe of the hand. High-end aluminium alloy frame, reasonable design Dust proof, water-proof and static-proof, durable KER INDUSTRIAL TOUCH ALL-IN-ONE PC R&D; PRODUCTION; SALES; AFTERSALES FACTORY OUTLET QUALITY GUARANTEE IN THE WHOLE PROCESS SPECIAL TOUCH SCREEN FOR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION DISTINGUISHED AND EXCLUSIVE SERVICE REMOVE WORRIES ABOUT THE FUTURE Capacitive touch, easy operation INDUSTRIAL GRADE TOUCH CONTROL ALL-IN-ONE PC Water-proof and anti-splash Prevent external interference High and low temperature protection QUICK RESPONSE STABLE PERFORMANCE TOUCH-SENSTIVE COLD ROLLING METAL MULTI-CORE CPU INDUSTRIAL MOTHERBOARD HD COLOR SCREEN IMPROVE LIFE SPAN radiation protection layer multi-poin touch built-in wifi circulating heat dissipation energy saving and low consumption all-weather operation dustproof and waterproof anti-magnetoelectric interference anti-shock and anti-vibration metal material parameters option
Package ptions motherboard CPU RAM Harddisk
Package 1 Eight core Android Rockchiprk3368 1GDDR 8G SSD
Package 2 J1900 Celeron  quad core 2.0G 2GB Upgradable 32G SSD
Package 3 Inter/i3 Core I3 four threads 4GB Upgradable 64G SSD
Package 4 Inter/i3 Core I5 four threads 4GB Upgradable 120G SSD
Package 5 Inter/i7 Core I7 four threads 4GB Upgradable 120G SSD
Remarks Default is package 1,common sizes are 10/12/15/17/19”,can be customized
ACCURATE TOUCH CONTROL, SENSITIVE RESPONSE High resolution and sensitive reaction. Surface with smooth surface and fog surface treatment, high stability. INFRARED SCREEN WITH TWO-POINT TOUCH SENSITIVE RESPONSE, SCRATCH-PROOF AND LONG SERVICE LIFE CAPACITIVE SCREEN MULTI-TOUCH FAST RESPONSE, COMFORTABLE TOUCH EXPERIENCE STRONG HEAT DISSIPATION AND RAPID EMISSION Fully closed design with fan All-aluminium case forms huge aluminium radiator to cool the machine SMOOTH EXPERIENCE FAST-22 nanomater fabrication process STRONG- 2.41GHZ, Dual-core CPU STEADY- 10w TDP power consumption PRODUCT AND INTERFACE DISPLAY High resolution and sensitive reaction. Smooth and fog surface treatment High stability, economic and practical, widely used. COM; POWER PORT, HDMI, VGA, USB, LAN, AUDIO OUTPUT, AUDIO INPUT STRENGTH MANUFACTURERS CAN CUSTOMIZE THEIR FUNCTIONS ACCORDING TO NEEDS Provide professional analysis and application solutions. built-in speaker; built-in WiFi; upgrade memory bar; upgrade hard disk; built-in IC/ID card; customized wide-pressure motherboard; upgrade CPU; front power switch and USB interface The service life of metal switch is longer. External wifi antenna makes the signal stronger and more stable. All-aluminum housing, circulating heat dissipation system, stronger stability All-aluminum frame, anti-interference APPLICATION SCENARIO Automated Production Workshop Industrial manufacturing, modern science and technology intelligent industry, industrial control production equipment, etc. Monitoring Center Display equipment needed for various public and safe places. Industry Automation Equipment CNC in industrial production spot, industrial control production and fabrication.