KER-TG03A Hotel Self Check In Kiosk Desktop Hotel Self Check In Check Out Terminal Payment System

INTRODUCTION Hotel Self-Check-in Machine is a truly unattended self-service hotel intelligent platform. It improves the guest experience, saves labor costs and makes the connection much closer between customers and hotels, thus improving the overall efficiency of the hotel. The hotel’s smart check-in system has been successfully applied to hundreds of Chinese-style hotels and has been recognized by users. Self-service Hotel Machine Check-in System Technology The smart self-service hotel check-in machine integrates human-computer interaction technology, face recognition technology, intelligent control technology, infrared induction technology, voice recognition technology and other technologies. The intelligent self-check-in system software can complete identity recognition, room selection, self-service payment, room renewal and check-out, self-service card issuance, self-service invoicing and other operations by connecting with the hotel’s original system and door lock system through the payment interfaces of UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat. An intelligent hotel platform that is truly unattended and self-check-in. Check-in System Features Of Self-service Hotel Kiosk ●Combination Of ID Card: Support ID card automatic face recognition ●Mobile Payment: Support WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods for deposit and refund functions ●Customized Card Issuing Machine: Customized matching card issuing machine can effectively prevent man-made damage ●Accurate Traceability: Every business transaction has accurate and traceable data records. ●Humanized Design: friendly interactive interface, intelligent and humanized processing process. Easy operation: simple front desk operation and convenient financial reconciliation ●PBOC2.0 Certification: Support UnionPay credit card, the system has obtained UnionPay PB0C2.0 certification ●Statistics: powerful data statistics and data mining functions ●Reduce The Rate Of Negative Reviews: avoid network negative reviews, collect customer opinions, provide reference data for managers ●Provide Electronic Invoices: Provide electronic invoices to improve check-out efficiency at the front desk (option)

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