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the queue number call machine is popularly called queue machine,number collect machine or number call machine,its professional name is queue management system. It is a high-tech product which integrates computer technology, network technology, multimedia technology and communication control technology, and can effectively replace customers in queuing. The system can automatically track the status of each service queue and adjust it. Operators can monitor and manage system status remotely. It is suitable for all kinds of window service industries. At home and abroad, it has been widely used in banks, hospitals, securities insurance companies, government service centers, public security, industrial and commercial taxation, vehicle management, Technical Supervision departments, letters and visits and other departments. Various customer service centers, 4S stores, catering, enterprise after-sales service centers and other service places. Queuing process 1. Ticketing: Customers take a ticket number with the number, waiting number, time, type of business, etc. 2. Rest and Wait: Hold the number ticket and rest in the rest area and pay attention to the screen speaker. 3. Keyboard Call: After a business is completed, the staff members press the next button on the caller. 4. Go ahead and do it: When calling, you can enjoy one-to-one service according to the information of the display speaker to the designated location. Functional characteristics ● The operation is controlled by PC, which is simple to operate, excellent in function, beautiful in appearance and generous. 485 bus connection mode is adopted, which is easy to install. ● The software directly controls the call system, display system, voice system and ticket printing. ● Professional development, intuitive interface, simple operation. ● Each window can be set up to handle one or more business as needed. ● The queue business data of each window can be added, modified and deleted at any time according to the need. ● VIP customers and large customers can be set up to handle services first. ● two ways to issue a ticket,can also buy extra card swiper,cooperated with bank card to issue a tichet in accordance with customers' needs. ● The system automatically stores various statistical data, and the statistical report forms can be printed directly. ● After power failure, all data can be automatically saved without affecting the operation of the system.