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Capacitance technology touch panel is the use of human body's electric flu should work. Capacitance screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. The inner surface and interlayer of the glass screen are coated with ITO (nano-indium tin metal oxide). The outer layer is only 0.0015 mm thick silica glass protective layer. The interlayer ITO coating is used as working face. Four electrodes are drawn from four corners, and the inner layer ITO is used as screen layer to ensure working environment. Capacitive touch screen is a special transparent metal conductive material which is pasted on the glass surface. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will change, which will change the frequency of the oscillator connected with it. The touch position can be determined by measuring the frequency change. Because capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding conditions, its stability is poor and drift often occurs. Capacitance screen is more and more widely used. At present, it is mainly used in cash register, self-service order machine, self-service inquiry machine, self-service queuing machine, industrial control equipment, self-service cash withdrawal machine, self-service terminal equipment in various sub-industries, etc. Capacitive touch panel advantages 1. Capacitance touch screen only needs touch, no need pressure to generate signal. 2. Capacitance touch screen needs only one time or no correction at all after production, while resistance technology needs conventional correction. 3. Capacitance schemes have a longer life because the components in the capacitive touch screen need not move at all. In a resistive touch screen, the upper ITO film needs to be thin enough to be resilient to bend downward to reach the lower ITO film. 4. Capacitance technology is superior to resistance technology in light loss and system power consumption 5. The choice of capacitance or resistance depends on the object touching the screen. If it is finger touch, capacitive touch screen is a better choice. If you need a stylus, whether plastic or metal, resistance touch screen can be competent. Capacitance touch screen can also use stylus, but it needs special stylus to cooperate. 6. Surface capacitance can be used in large-scale touch screen, and it is low in phase, but it can not support gesture recognition nowadays: Inductive capacitance is mainly used in small and medium-sized touch screen, and can support gesture recognition. 7. Capacitance technology has the advantages of wear resistance, long service life and low maintenance cost when users use it. Therefore, the overall operating cost of the manufacturer can be further reduced. 8. Capacitive touch screens can support multi-touch technology, and unlike resistive touch screens, they are slow in response and are not easy to wear and tear. Features 1.. All-glass structure, by far the most mature manufacturing process, has high stability and highest optical clarity.
G+G compared with G+F
capacitive touch panel G+G G+F
Transmittance high moderate
UV resistance high low
Reliability of high and low temperature high low
Product life long moderate
Manufacturing Technology Level high moderate
price a little high moderate
Product structure G+G(Cover Glass+LOCA+ITO Glass) interface types USB&COM,default USB port
appearance color Black Silk Printing + Transparent Glass Transmittance ≥85%
respond time ≤3ms Glass atomization degree ≤3%
 touch accuracy <25mm input ways Finger/Capacitive Touch Pen
move error <10% output ways Inductive Coupled Capacitor Output
Resolution 25 pixels/minute  certification RoHS
items specifications items D Series Transmitting Capacitance Touch Screen
Firmware upgrade ways Win7和Win XP支持USB升级Win7 and win xp support upgrade via USB general OS Win XP/Win7/Win CE/Android/Linu/Mac
touch type 10-point touch control Android Single point: Kernel modification is generally not requiredMultipoint: Kernel version 2.6.31 or above and requires technical capability for kernel modification
System operation supported by multi-touch Windows7 Ultimate/Windows7 Professional/Windows7 Home Premiun(/Windows8/Vista/Android/Linux )The above system must have multi-touch function, and the operating system must be the original (non-GHOST version) or it will affect the touch (Note: WIN8 does not support the original version) serial port Windows Support, no driver installation is required under Windows system
calibration Win XP, Win7, Win8 direct calibration of other systems, the use of Win7 after calibration
作System operation of single touch control Windows7(Home Basic)/Win XP/WinCE/Mac Horizontal and vertical screen Automatic switching
USB2.0 Scanning frequency 200HZ  items specification
Terminal type USB Type A USB Temperature range -20℃~70℃Operating temperature
Ventilation interface USB-d+USB-C- -30℃~80℃Storage temperature
transmission speed 12Mbps
signal +5V,D+,GND Relative humidity 45%~85%PHOperating humidity: 45%~85% PH without condensate
 power supply ways  USB supply power 45%~85%PHStorage humidity: 45%~85% PH without condensate
power voltage DC+5±5%
current <200mA Light resistance All-Angle Light Resistance